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Welcome to my photo blog. I wanted a place to share the pictures I love to take, without the pressure of adding words to describe them. Take them for what they are, or dig deeper for a meaning of your own. But to me, a picture has always been "worth 1000 words." Thanks for the visit, I hope you'll come back often! If you want to view the pictures bigger, just click on them to enlarge. Feel free to let me know what you think of the photos on this blog.

Friday, May 22, 2009



  1. My eyes had to adjust to this photos, those are MONSTER bees!
    Sweet picture, what type of camera are you using for these???

  2. These are just taken with my Canon Power Shot A540. Nothing too special. These bees were in our friends' greenhouse, and the lighting was perfect so they are super clear. I want my next camera to be able to get in so close that you can see the veins in the wings and the fibers in the hive.... But really, for what I need, this camera has been fine. It's a nice small size, too, so I always have it in my purse. Thanks for looking!!